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Gimme A Brick press kit


Dragon Ascending Entertainment

Release Date:
11 ,July, 2018

iOS, Android


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A brand new way of escaping zombie apocalypse is arrived! Drop bricks to help runners build an escape path. Upgrade all kinds of weapons, gadgets and runner abilities to survive massive zombie swarm and save survivors enroute. Post high scores and compete with friends. GimmeABrick is a new zombie surviving experience on mobile platform.


Gimme A Brick is a small part-time indie mobile game project started at the end of 2016. At first only two developers, Xiang Li and Fabio Pizzella are involved in the development.  In the end of 2017 they went full time on this project and  founded the game company Dragon Ascending Entertainment.
With help from their friends, Dansen Zhou and Nevzat Arman, the game is finally finished in Feburary, 2018. 


* Build a path to help runners escape zombies attack
* Different runners with different abilities to choose
* Drop bricks fast and precisely to receive rewards
* Save survivors while escaping
* Endless building
* Mutiple weapons & gadgets to use and upgrades
* Simple control
* No IAP, no addtional cost

Dragon Ascending Entertainment

Dragon Ascending Entertainment is a german independent game company made up of Xiang Li & Fabio Pizzella, dedicates in making simple games with innovative game play.

Our logo & relevant media are available here.

Gimme A Brick Credits

Designer, 2D/3D Artist, Programmer
Xiang Li

Lead Programmer
Fabio Pizzella

Dansen Zhou
Nevzat Arman

Theme Music
Derek Zhao